Cornerstone Christian Academy

A few notes for you, parents!


We are so glad to be partners with you in bringing up your kids in the nurture and admonition of the Lord!

With a mission for EVERY subject to be taught with THE TRUTH of the Bible faithfully and relentlessly INTEGRATED, with LOVE and SOUND DOCTRINE, we pray that every bit of knowledge learned at Cornerstone Christian Academy would point EVERY person (students, instructors alike) into greater WONDER and LOVE of our Creator, and conviction of the heart to freely FOLLOW and SERVE Jesus, as Savior and Lord, in freedom and hope of the Gospel - for His Glory!

Prayer Support

We believe prayer, along with being immersed in God's Word (Psalm 1) and in step with His ever-present Spirit, is essential to staying on mission as parents and as a homeschool enrichment program!

If you have any prayer needs, please let us know - stop by an share them with us! Staff of both Cornerstone Christian Academy and our host, Heartland Evangelical Free Church, would love to pray with you and be an encouragement however we can!

Fellowship with Fellow Homeschooling Parents During the Day

We are so grateful God has provided such a wonderful space to meet as an academy, and the ample space to fellowship as parents while doing so! Feel free to bring a mug of coffee and stay while class is in session.

As we gather, our faith is strengthened, and we leave better-equipped for the mission He has placed before us!